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5 Songs You Didn't Know Kaytranada Produced

Brad Barket/Getty Images for Canada Goose
DJ Kaytranada performs at the Canada Goose New York City Flagship Store opening on Nov. 16, 2016 in New York City.

When Haitian-Canadian producer Kaytranada dropped his much-anticipated debut album 99.9% last summer, the 24-year-old said the title stems from dissatisfaction with his own material. But he shouldn't worry -- the dance music world has long been impressed by the DJ's inventive, funk-meets-electronica sound.

In fact, Kay has brought his production chops to artists from Mobb Deep to Alicia Keys, and continues his reign as one of the hottest producers in dance music today. Below, tune in to five tracks you might be surprised to learn are tied to the rising star's name. 

Mobb Deep, "My Block" (2014)

Kaytranada brings electronic flair to this Mobb Deep street anthem, melding the track's thudding rap verses with snappy production and a fluttering keyboard melody. It's enough to set the standout song apart from the whopping 30 other tracks on the rap group's colossal, two-part The Infamous Mobb Deep LP. "I thought it was the craziest thing, 'cause I grew up with their music around," Kaytranada told Red Bull Music about meeting Mobb in the studio. "When I showed the beat of 'My Block,' they had a bigger reaction compared to the other beats, and they were like, 'Yo, that sh-- is fire.'"

Anderson.Paak feat. The Free Nationals United Fellowship Choir, "Lite Weight" (2016)

Before Kaytranada tapped California hip-hop star Anderson.Paak for 99.9% breakout track "Glowed Up," Kaytranada hopped on Paak's "Lite Weight," a slithering, mellow groove that blends disco, house and R&B. As Paak offers whispery croons and smooth verses, Kaytranada layers on crisp drums, glimmering keys and breathy echoes.

Azealia Banks, "Along the Coast" (2016)

Azealia Banks' "Along the Coast," off the Harlem-raised rapper's 2016 mix-tape SLAY-Z, has Kaytranada's fingerprints all over it, featuring simmering percussion, a bouncy, muffled bass and disco-tinged soundscape in the vein of his own tracks "You're The One" and "Together." It's not the first time Kaytranada has taken on Banks' rapid-fire flow, either -- in 2013, he released a remix of her Pharrell collab, "ATM."

Chance the Rapper feat. Knox Fortune, "All Night" (2016)

In one of his biggest collaborations to date, Kaytranada teamed up with Chance The Rapper for "All Night" off the Chicago star's massively successful Coloring Book mixtape. The result is an addictive, house-tinged jam led by Kaytranada's signature fat, juicy bass and brisk percussion. Kaytranada later released an extended version of the track, that tacks on two extra minutes of groovy sound.

Alicia Keys, "Sweet F'in Love" (2017)

Kaytranada cushions Alicia Keys' raspy, soulful vocals with twinkling piano keys and delicate chimes on this gentle track, which shrinks down to a dreamy, intimate whisper around the 1:45 mark before bouncing back up to a classic Kaytranada jam. The track dropped soon after Keys' album HERE, and garnered approval from Swizz Beatz -- Keys' husband -- who released it himself on SoundCloud.