Hear San Holo's 'The Future' Remixed 13 Different Ways

San Holo
Thorwald van den Akker

San Holo

How do you know you've got a sound the dance world rallies behind? When you have way too many dope remixes for your single, you can't choose, so you release more remixes than some dudes have on whole albums.

San Holo hit center stage with his 2016 hit “Light,” and “The Future,” featuring tasty falsetto vocals from James Vincent McMorrow, is lookin' like it's a solid second act. The new package is a huge compilation of 13 different remixes, each bringing their own futuristic flavor to the familiar tune. They've been released piecemeal throughout August, but today, we get the whole smorgasbord.

Jupe's chunky take is a fun one, as is Wingtip's sweet and surprisingly '80s rework. Snavs is on there serving exotic desert danger with a side of trap and drum'n'bass, and speaking of drums, Feint brought them to “The Future” in droves.

Honestly, there are so many great takes on here, it makes more sense for you to just listen and get lost in sound. “The Future” remix package is out today on bitbird / Sony UK. Listen to all it's offerings in full below.

Thorwald van den Akker
San Holo & James Vincent McMorrow