YouTube's Lele Pons Shares Wacky Over-The-Top Video for Skrillex, Poo Bear's 'Would You Ever'

Courtesy of Shots Studios
Lele Pons

It's a collection of her "craziest moments."

Lele Pons is one wild cartoon of a person. The Venezuelan-born, American YouTube sensation is a physical comedy genius if we've ever seen one and the only proof you need is this music video she made set to Skrillex and Poo Bear's future-pop mega-jam “Would You Ever.”

It's a collection of her “craziest moments,” per the video title, and while I can't say I'm that familiar with her antics, I'd take this statement as an absolute certainty. She's jumping over dining tables, smashing flat screens with baseball bats, and even looking forlorn out rainy windows.

No time for that sad stuff, not when “Would You Ever” has got us dancing into downtown fountains. 

Watch Lele Pons perfectly insane music video recap clip below.