Tritonal Shares a 'Good Thing' to Celebrate Label Enhanced Recordings' 300th Release: Exclusive Premiere

Britany Maxwell 

The feel-good new single features Laurell on vocals.

We all have dark days sometimes. We all find ourselves stranded out in the ocean, looking for a friend to help steer our ships back to course. Sometimes that friend can be a happy melody and Tritonal's new single featuring Laurell on vocals aims to be the “Good Thing” you need.

It's uplifting without being forced, a laidback beat supported by acoustic guitars and some modern future flourishes. Laurell leads the positivity with her lyrics about that special someone or something that stands out in a “sea of sharks.” Tritonal tells Billboard it represents the core of their sound, “which is optimistic,” a tribute to “self love.”

“Good Thing” is kind of a celebration, really, as it marks the 300th release on Tritonal's label Enhanced Recordings. It's out everywhere Friday, Aug. 11, but you can listen to it in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance