Avicii Breaks Musical Silence With 'Av?ci' EP: Listen

Sean Eriksson


Avicii breaks his year-plus musical hiatus with the release of Av?ci, his six-track EP that was teased only a few weeks prior to its Aug. 10 release date. 

The Swedish DJ and producer played it cool, simply uploading teasers of the project (while atop the mountains of Machu Pichu) to his Instagram account. The EP includes notable features by Rita Ora and AlunaGeorge. Interestingly enough, the sixth and last track listed is a remix of Sandro Cavazza's record, "So Much Better." Cavazza is also featured on Avicii's record "Without You."

"I'm really excited to be back with music once again, it has been a long time since I released anything and a long time since I was this excited over new music!" Avicii says in a statement. "My focus on this first EP of the album was to get a mix of new and old songs, some that fans have been asking about/waiting for mixed with brand new songs that they haven't heard before!"

With that in mind, we can expect an album at some point. He took to Twitter today (Aug. 10) to say, "Will however never let go of music – I will continue to speak to my fans through it. I will never stop making music. My new EP is out NOW!"

Listen to Av?ci below:

Av?ci Tracklist:

1. Avicii ft. Vargas & Lagola 'Friend of Mine'
2. Avicii ft. Rita Ora 'Lonely Together'
3. Avicii ft. Billy Raffoul 'You Be Love'
4. Avicii ft. Sandro Cavazza 'Without You'
5. Avicii ft. AlunaGeorge 'What Would I Change It To'
BONUS TRACK:  Sandro Cavazza 'So Much Better' (Avicii Remix)