Ibizan Beach Clubs May Not Be Clubs at All Thanks to New Legislation

Cultura RM Exclusive/Anthony Charles/Getty Images
Ibiza, Spain.

New legislation in San José, Ibiza, leaves 16 of the island's most popular beach clubs – including Bora Bora, Blue Marlin, and CBBC – without the authority to book DJs or musical acts of any kind. The regulatory rules effectively turn the clubs back into restaurants, and could end the VIP beach culture that thousands of dance music lovers enjoy every summer.

According to a report by The Ibizan, the city has increased the regulations on what venues can and can't book DJs and musicians. Previously, it was only required to register entertainment licenses with central island government body The Consell, but beginning next year, San José will require establishments to register with the city itself, and the city is none too keen on what these beach clubs have been up to.

San José residents and, yes, even many tourists, are tired of the exclusive velvet ropes that section off swaths of Ibizan beach for high-paying club customers. It's no fun to be stuck on a crowded beach, only to look over and see near-naked partiers enjoying luscious cabanas for hundreds of dollars more. It's also been reported that security guards take aggressive measures to keep those who haven't paid well away from club beach premises.

These new registration requirements come behind Spain's new Balearic Tourist laws, which already put the wrench to Ibiza's party paradise when it dictated that acceptable noise levels for beach clubs be reduced from 85d to 65d by the start of next season. Those who fail to turn the volume down will suffer heavy fines. The island also gave municipalities the right to enforce even stricter entertainment licensing requirements as they see fit, a move San José jumped on.

Opponents of the new laws argue this will decrease tourist revenue and push thousands of would-be partiers to competitive markets, such as Croatia or Mykonos. Only time will tell how many of San José's beach clubs will be granted their licenses, and how this will effect Ibiza's summer party reputation.

Read the full report via The Ibizan.