Zedd Explains the Best Way to Listen to 'Get Low'

"'Get Low' is the first song I ever made that's not about a specific thing or a certain person, and more about the vibe of the song," the producer explains of his Liam Payne collab.

In Billboard's series, "How It Went Down," featuring artists telling the stories of how their hit songs came together while their tale comes to life around them in animation, Zedd breaks down his meeting with Liam Payne and how it became "Get Low."

The song started out to be for another artist that specifically asked Zedd to help write and produce. "I wanted to have a little bit of a demo with it, so I just didn't send them chords," the producer explains. "I went way further away than I was supposed to, and I had half of 'Get Low' done."

Ultimately, the artist passed on it, saying it wasn't what they were looking for. Enter Liam Payne. Their initial meeting took place at Zedd's home in the Hollywood hills and Liam wasn't what he expected. "He was like a regular dude I'd just hang out with," he says.

Zedd's ideal scenario when listening to "Get Low" involves sunglasses, a pool, a slight breeze and the coolest party of the summer.

Watch the video above to find out exactly how it went down.