Zomboy Injects Uplifting Melodies & Slashing Growls Into 'Rott N' Roll Pt. 1' EP: Exclusive

Chelone Wolf


After dropping his Neon Grave EP in 2016, Zomboy now follows up with part one of his Rott N' Roll EP which Billboard Dance has the pleasure of premiering today (Aug. 7). 

The project comes in at four tracks strong and includes his previously-released single, "Rotten," that surprises listeners with a full-blown Drumline sequence three quarters in. Adjacent to the track are "Young & Dangerous" featuring Kato and "Saints & Sinners," both of which showcase swaying melodies before grimy, slashing dubstep synths interject.

This sonic theme also applies to "Biterz," the lead single off the EP. The track begins with a melancholy piano progression backed by echoing rock guitar strums. As the production builds in energy, a formidable gang of bass synths pile in and soon take over the entire song. 

Listen to part one of Zomboy's Rott N' Roll EP below: