REZZ' 'Mass Manipulation' Is a Sinister World of Sci-Fi Sounds: Listen

Bryan Dellosa 


The moment of hysteria is upon us. REZZ's debut album Mass Manipulation is here, and being brainwashed never sounded so good.

Its eight tracks make for a sickly sci-fi journey, an aural exploration of all the things that pull our puppet strings. There's an ever-present sense of something sinister, like some monster lurking just on the periphery of your vision. It's the ultimate collection of the unsettling REZZ sound, but don't worry about the artist's mental health just yet.

“I occasionally get anxious but am not generally,” she says. “My music actually makes me feel really powerful when I create it, but it's sort of hard to explain. I wouldn't say it's an accurate representation of my personality, but it's a representation of a certain part of my brain where I've collected memories and have been subconsciously inspired by them.”

Fans have had plenty of time to get to know album opener “Relax,” and the wobbly-legged “DRUGS!” featuring 13, which was released a week prior. “Premonition” is a standout track. It's one of the three collaborations on the LP, featuring co-production from fellow Canadian knodis. It's more melodic than most of its brethren, an eerie sort of synth funk, the kind of sound one would experience when traveling to an '80s retro future.

“LIVID,” too, is a daring cut, hard with an aggressive industrial edge. “Green Gusher” is the sonic sequel to “Purple Gusher.” Back are the warping record scratches and haunting keys. From start to finish, Mass Manipulation is a playground of strange textures. If you really want to push yourself to the edge, sit down with a nice pair of headphones, turn off the lights, and let REZZ's musical madness take control of your body.

She didn't go into detail, but Rezz also promises more Mass Manipulation to come. Is it visual hypnosis? “DRUGS!” in the water supply? Maybe it's something to do with her star-studded tour, which kicks off Saturday, Sept. 2, at Electric Zoo in New York City and wraps around world through to 2018.

By this time next year, you'll all be googley-eyed REZZ heads, and it begins by giving in to Mass Manipulation below.