Listen to Zedd's 10 Best Remixes

Nick Walker


At 27, German DJ and producer Zedd has a host of hit original songs under his belt, from his recent dance-pop crossover "Get Low" with Liam Payne and smash hit "Stay" with Alessia Cara to 2012 Grammy-winner "Clarity."

But before his original material began climbing the charts -- and even when it did -- the artist born Anton Zaslavski has also made his name with remixes for the likes of Diddy, DJ Snake and Skrillex.

In advance of the producer's headlining performance at Billboard's Hot 100 Fest, Billboard Dance is rounding up the 10 best Zedd remixes. Turn up the volume and brush up on all things Zedd, below.

10. B.o.B. - "Nothin' On You (Zedd Remix)"

Zedd had barely made a dent on the dance music map at the time this remix of B.o.B's "Nothin On You" hit the web in 2010, but it wasn't long before the track climbed the likes of Soundcloud and Beatport. Though he keeps the track's crooning chorus and a few pinched lyrics, Zedd flips the hip-hop jam into an electro club hit.

9. Diddy feat. Swizz Beatz - "Dirty Money - Ass On The Floor (Zedd Remix)"

Time to throw it back to Diddy's 2010 Last Train to Paris and its pop-tinged, Swizz Beatz-featuring "Ass On The Floor." Zedd gives the track's shimmering vibe a raunchy, electro-house makeover in this remix, another early rework that helped catapult the DJ to fame.

8. Skrillex feat. Sirah - "Weekends!!! (Zedd Remix)"

This punchy, industrial Zedd remix pays homage to the original Skrillex track -- and its absurdly catchy single lyric -- while weighing the original energetic beat down with a heavy, bass-thumping new groove. Listening to the swerving track, you're never quite sure which turn it will take next, which makes blasting it on repeat all the better.

7. Fatboy Slim - "Weapon Of Choice (Zedd Remix)"

Fatboy Slim's goofy 2006 "Weapon of Choice" might seem like an unusual choice for Zedd at first, but the track's bopping beat and funky, theatrical vocals courtesy of Bootsy Collins prove the perfect complement to the DJ's zipping, glitchy electronic effects and pulsing bass. We can almost picture Christopher Walken -- who starred in the original track's award-winning music video --  jamming to the tune.

6. The Black Eyed Peas - "The Time (Zedd Remix)"

Flashback to 2010, when The Black Eyed Peas had every club-goer thronging to the dance floor for Billboard Hot 100 No. 4 hit "The Time (Dirty Bit)." Zedd's remix takes the song's infectious energy one step further, adding an ethereal, dramatic lead-up to the track's signature twitchy beat, then flipping the sound on its head around the 1:55 mark, where it morphs into a dark, smoldering house jam punctuated by Fergie and's original verses.

5. Skrillex - "Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites (Zedd Remix)"

"Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites" may be Skrillex's most iconic track, but Zedd makes the lurching, euphoric song his own in this dubstep remix. If you thought the original couldn't get any more frenetic -- or take more bass-pounding turns -- think again. The sheer number of textures in the original was incredible on its own, but Zedd's rework takes the track to a new level of sound.

4. DJ Snake feat. Justin Bieber - "Let Me Love You (Zedd Remix)"

One of the more recent Zedd remixes on our list, his rework of DJ Snake's "Let Me Love You" begins by lending the track an almost jazzy vibe, adding clashing drums, finger-snaps and brassy sounds to Justin Bieber's belting vocals. But if we know one thing about Zedd, it's his ability to transform a track within seconds -- and that's exactly what happens around the 1:10 mark, when the remix takes an unexpected turn toward a tropical, guitar-plucking melody.

3. Skrillex & The Doors - "Breakn' A Sweat (Zedd Remix)"

Zedd works his usual magic with this Skrillex classic featuring The Doors, putting a grungy, gurgling spin on the track's original dubstep-heavy, fiery hook. A song built off just five words needs a hell of a beat to back it up -- and Zedd brings just that. In fact, the remix was such a success that Zedd featured it on the deluxe edition of 2012's Clarity.

2. Zedd feat. Hayley Williams of Paramore - "Stay the Night (Zedd & Kevin Drew Extended Remix)"

Zedd doesn't just remix other artists' tracks -- here, he takes on a rework of one of his own. "Stay The Night" notched an impressive No. 3 on the Dance/Electronic Digital Song Sales charts in 2013, but Zedd's extended remix with Kevin Drew just might beat the original. Keeping Hayley Williams' vocal powerhouse intact, Zedd builds in a brand-new drop that kicks up the energy with a grimy, thudding bass and razor-sharp electronic effects.

1. Magic! - "Rude (Zedd Remix)"

Pop-meets-reggae band MAGIC! charmed listeners everywhere with their 2013 smash "Rude" and its heartfelt urging to "marry that girl" against a grudging father's wishes. Zedd gives the track's rebellious protagonist the uplifting dance track he deserves with this remix, which twists the jazzy radio hit into a uplifting, triumphant earworm. Lighter than Zedd's usual dubstep-focused sound, this bright rework is an unexpected addition to the DJ's stellar remix catalog, and marks our favorite of all -- so far, that is.

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