Fedde Le Grand Saves the World in 'Firestarter' Video With Shaggy, Ida Corr: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Fedde Le Grand and Ida Corr feat. Shaggy, 'Firestarter'

A good beat can save the night, a great DJ can save your life, and Fedde Le Grand can save the world from certain doom by incoming meteors.

Okay, the Dutch DJ and producer can't actually fly through space, but he can put together a pretty fire island beat. “Firestarter” is a bossy Caribbean-inspired rhythm featuring even bossier vocal tracks from his “Let Me Think About It” collaborator Ida Corr and the instantly recognizable Shaggy. It's got heavy Major Lazer vibes with a big, brassy melody and thumping bass. Corr's soulful vocal delivery is deadly, and Shaggy brings the heat with his verse, as Shaggy is wont to do.

The music video gives Le Grand the space to live out his superhero fantasies. It's also a reminder to be kind to Mother Nature -- the evil villain here being pollution, which threatens to swallow Earth whole. Also there are meteors. We're not sure what ties all these elements together, but music is best enjoyed without asking too many questions.

Are you digging Le Grande's new direction? Check “Firestarter” out for yourself below.