Cheat Codes' Nicky Romero Collab 'Sober' Tempts You to Text All Your Exes: Listen

Tawni Bannister
Cheat Codes

Remember when the internet told you not to Drake and drive, because you'd end up at your ex's house? Cheat Codes and Nicky Romero's new collab track “Sober” will have you on a similar wave.

The lyrics are a tale old as time. Girl goes on a date, girl has a few too many drinks, girl starts seeing the face of her ex when the new guy stands too long in the shadows. She starts thinking back to all those old times, because everything seems rosier through the lens of a couple Jack and cokes. She starts replaying the nights, starts listening to their songs, and before you know it, she's texting the one she shouldn't be stressing.

Melodically, “Sober” is a lot less messy than those nights. It's actually a carefree tune, reflecting the easiest, most exciting parts of the relationship, which is of course all you can think about right now. Cheat Codes and Nicky Romero really got you with this one.

“Sober” follows Cheat Codes' remix of Rita Ora's “Your Song,” which dropped only a couple weeks before. The dudes are staying busy, which is also a handy way to keep your thoughts off your breakup. Hand your phone to a trusted bestie and listen to “Sober” below.