Gryffin Talks New Single 'Love In Ruins' With Sinead Harnett, Upcoming EP & More: Exclusive

Koury Angelo


Los Angeles-based artist Gryffin melds the worlds of indie and dance in his newest output, "Love in Ruins," recruiting London singer-songwriter Sinead Harnett for the breezy cut.

The release follows "Feel Good," an uplifting, guitar-laden collaboration with Illenium and Daya that recently cruised past 40 million streams on Spotify. Gryffin's latest track features a melancholy chord progression that swiftly resolves itself with the layering of Harnett's soulful vocals and steadfast guitar strokes. 

The dropping of "Love in Ruins" coincides with the announcement of Gryffin's upcoming EP, as well as his biggest headline show to date at Terminal 5 in New York on Oct. 21. Billboard Dance sat down with Gryffin for the exclusive scoop on his new record, the EP and more.

What was the creative process behind "Love In Ruins" like? How was it working with Sinead Harnett?

I first really became familiar with Sinead Harnett when she did her collaboration with Disclosure and always felt her vocals and artistry was special. I received a demo from her about 2 years ago, and thought it such a cool vibe. I began strumming these chords on the electric guitar and found an amp/effect setting I felt really matched the moodiness and vibe of her voice. The construction of the song really began around that. From there, it was about finding the right instrument choices and soundscapes to fully capture the essence and vibe of the song.

How does it feel to be playing Terminal 5? Any special production or guest performances?

It's an incredible opportunity. I was living in NYC at the time I began working on the GRYFFIN project, and always went to shows at Terminal 5, hoping one day I could come play as a headliner so I cannot wait. It's going to be an awesome experience. I will be bringing a lot of new production, some incredible acts with me for the show, and definitely some surprises for the show.

What can fans expect to hear on your upcoming EP? Any new features, collaborations, styles, etc.?

The EP will be comprised of the 3 current singles I've released to this point, as well as several new tracks I've been working on throughout this past year. There will definitely be new features and new sounds on this EP. I'm very excited about these records and really hope the fans will enjoy them.

What has been your favorite memory of 2017 so far? 

Coachella, hands down. That was the craziest show to date I was told over 25K people came to my set which is absolutely unreal. I got to bring out Daya and Khalid, which was such a cool experience as well. I just feel so fortunate to be able to pursue my passion for music as a career and that moment will be one that I will remember for the rest of my life.