Indie Darling Oneohtrix Point Never on Creating Music for Robert Pattinson's New Film

Oneohtrix Point Never's Daniel Lopatin

Daniel Lopatin, who records as Oneohtrix Point Never, worshipped Quentin Tarantino as a kid. “My first Hotmail account password was ‘Quentin,’” says the 34-year-old. His score to Good Time, a thriller starring Robert Pattinson out Aug. 11, draws upon “the taxonomies of camp and kitsch” in Tarantino films. His synth-heavy collection -- including a single, “The Pure and the Damned,” which features Iggy Pop -- won the soundtrack award at the Cannes Film Festival in May.

What influenced the ’70s vibe of your soundtrack?

We used to call it “wall-prog” back in the day: taking these prog-synth bands and making this wall of sound. Technology just hadn’t caught up with us yet. When I was making those records, this [style] is what I was ultimately trying to do.

The music for Stranger Things is an homage to that era, too. Why do you think that sound is back in style?

EDM music is happening in a more mainstream way. It’s more acceptable to hear those types of textures in a slightly different context than it was five years ago.

How was working with Iggy?

It was one of the highlights of my life. We did it [remotely], and it was like having the voice of God in the studio. Occasionally he would say, “Are you guys there?,” and Iggy’s voice was ringing out in the room. How much more epic can you get?

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'Good Time' poster

This article originally appeared in the August 5 issue of Billboard.