Showtek is Heady and Hopeful on Caribbean-Influenced 'Amen' EP: Premiere

Courtesy of Showtek

We're living in political times, and in times like these, it's the voices of our artists and musicians that often ring truest. Some wonder how a fun-loving genre like dance music can weigh in on hard issues, but Showtek's latest two-track EP Amen is exactly the kind of dance floor commentary that hits the mark.

Both tunes drip with Caribbean influence and sociopolitical urgency. “Amen” is a soulful, downtempo pop ballad featuring vocals from Freetown Collective, whom Showtek previously worked with on the single “Believer.” The lyrics honor the struggle of anyone who's ever struggled to live through each day, be it in the face of oppression or the devils on our shoulders. As the title track of the EP, it's a strong foot forward with popping percussion and a radiant melody.

The B-side, “Don't Shoot” featuring GC, is a dub-based tune with a big bassy drop and even bigger, brassy synths. It addresses the violence that endangers so many people in this world, simply because of who they are, where they live, and what they believe.

“Even though we ourselves haven't gone through this injustice, or can even relate to how hard it must be, we work closely with diverse cultures and people that have lived these struggles,” Showtek says in a press release. “We can make their voice heard by reaching out to millions of people with our music. We aim to be an example that everyone is united, we are one people, coming together without prejudice.”

Amen is out now on Skink/Armada. Listen to the EP in full, and check out Showtek's North American tour dates, below.