ODESZA Drops You Into a Live Show in New Interactive 360-Degree Video

Odesza, 2017
Jason G. Bahr/Getty Images

Harrison Mills (L) and Clayton Knight of Odesza salute their audience at Red Rocks Amphitheatre on May 27, 2017 in Morrison, Colo. 

So, ODESZA just deaded all other music videos. Oh, you've got cool special effects and synchronized dancing and celebrity appearances and you're "Thriller"? With all due respect, whatever.

ODESZA's clip captures the band's recent sold-out performance at Red Rock Amphiteater, and it's a fully interactive 360 experience. See the duo like you've never seen it before -- in the studio, in the green room and onstage -- all up in their faces, behind their backs and clinging to the wall like a fly.

Do you wanna turn around? Go ahead, check out the luminosity of the sold-out crowd. Before you know it, you're back onstage again, standing right-freaking-next to Harrison Mills as he bangs out the beat, and if you swerve a bit, you'll see a full drum line going ham in front of nearly 10,000 fans.

The video was filmed on the Samsung Gear 360 camera, which is available for purchase by the public for about $200, which is kind of crazy. You can make your own music video. You won't necessarily sound like ODESZA, but whatever.

ODESZA's upcoming album, A Moment Apart, drops Sept. 8. Prepare to catch tech fever, and check out “A Moment Apart," as well as recently added tour dates, below.