Icelandic DJ/Producer Bjarki's Label Showcase Canceled Following Transphobic Comment

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Icelandic DJ and producer Bjarki's bbbbbb record label showcase at House Of Yes in New York has been canceled. The news comes after the bbbbbb Instagram account posted a transphobic comment, which has since been deleted, on a post made by trans artist Octo Octa's. Bjarki has since apologized for the comment and terminated his relationship with bbbbbb partner Johnny Chrome Silver, who has taken responsibility for the transphobic remark.

"I'M GUTTED, horrible to be in this situation," Bjarki wrote on Facebook. "There is nothing more I dislike than ignorant and negative posts about gender roles in music. My deepest apologies to Maya, my fans, and the entire LGBTQQ community on behalf of my label for my partners inappropriate comments."

Bjarki also canceled the remainder of bbbbbb's tour dates. "We feel it necessary to reschedule the tour," he writes, "only because we would like to come back and make a more concerted effort to transgender organizations and artist to be included for the make up date."

The controversy began when Octo Octa, aka Maya Bouldry-Morrison, posted a shot of herself performing a recent Resident Advisor RA Sessions. The clip received many since-deleted transphobic comments, one of which was posted under the bbbbbb Instagram account, which we know now was welded by Silver.

According to Mixmag, the comment read: "Better to make it as a DJ to be a she than a he. She-man!" 

House of Yes immediately responded by promptly cancelling the bbbbbb showcase.

Shortly thereafter, Bjarki gave his apology via Facebook, as did Silver, who is quoted, "I feel so bad regarding the stupid comment I made on bbbbbb label’s Instagram,I never meant to do no harm, so sad that it went this way."

Billboard Dance has reached out to House of Yes for comment. Read Silver and Bjarki's full comments below.