AWAY is Violent, Sexy, and Cinematic in Intense 'Sleepwalker' Video: Exclusive

Away - "Sleepwalker"
Courtesy of Vevo

Away, "Sleepwalker"

Confusion, sadness, apathy, anger: The four stages of post break-up insanity make for some truly impactful imagery in AWAY's latest music video. “Sleepwalker” is a ghostly melody and its gnarled industrial roots are showing. The song, featuring haunting vocals from London Thor, premiered in May. Today, Billboard Dance shares the cinematic music video that brings its wild sonic storytelling to life.

We watch the piecemeal story of doomed love, as a man and woman grow close together only to crumble apart. High and lo-fi images interchange to mirror the volatile elements of the music. The video opens with ominous religious motifs and sex. You know this won't end well for anybody, but it's so much fun to watch it all fall apart.

It's AWAY's first full-on music video, and he didn't shy away from the challenge. He and director Viiision crafted the storyline together. 

"The whole concept of the story was based around a girl who's very lost and in a downward spiral," AWAY says. "The end with her trying to cut off her wings in the shower scene is to symbolize her attempt at rebirth, ridding herself of it all."

"I want everything i put out to have meaning and truth to it and be memorable in it's own sense," he continues. "Too many people are scared to make a statement these days, especially in the dance scene. Everything is so PG and family-friendly for some reason, or everything is just based around some club scene party. How many more party videos do we need?"

Let that be a warning to you: "Sleepwalker" is not exactly safe for work. There will be blood. It's out on Lowly Palace / Trap Nation, and you can check it exclusively below.


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