Goldman Sachs Co-President Moonlights as Dance Music DJ

Dj Turntable
Getty Images


Monday through Friday, David Solomon buttons up as one of the most powerful members of the fifth-largest bank in the United States. He's steering the ship that handles $860 billion in assets, but come the weekend, he steers the drinking hoards toward dance floor heaven, and his name is DJ D-Sol.

The new Co-President of Goldman Sachs was recently profiled by the New York Times for his unassuming day-to-night transformation. Solomon was one of two named to replace former President Gary D. Cohn, who left last year to accept a positions as director of the National Economic Council for the Trump administration. He spent the recent 4th of July holiday DJing for dance fans in the Bahamas.

According to the NYTimes, the 55-year-old exec DJs a gig about once a month, including in New York, Miami, and more. His side job is a head-scratcher for his elder peers, but the younger generation of Wall Street aligns with his less-stuffy culture.