The Knocks & Mat Zo Form New Supergroup 'The Mary Nixons', Watch Lyric Video for Debut Single 'Adrian': Exclusive

The Knocks
Rachel Couch

The Knocks

There's groups, and then there's supergroups. New York duo The Knocks and London born-L.A. based producer Mat Zo have each achieved success on their own. But they've now decided to combine their talents to form a new supergroup called The Mary Nixons. 

The name pays homage to ghost singer Marni Nixon who took part in several iconic films including Mary Poppins and West Side Story.

The Knocks, who have amassed over 60 million Spotify streams with their project, bring their funk-laden electronic sound to the table as Grammy-nominated Zo delivers his cutting-edge sound design and blissful melodies.

Their debut record, "Adrian", flaunts a cheery tropical sequence and helium-breath vocal chops amid 8-bit elements. "'Adrian' was born when The Knocks and I wanted to make something that was summery and 'tropical' but with a bit of grit," Zo tells Billboard, "because we were feeling like everything in that vein was sounding a bit too sterile."

The Knocks add, "We wanted to develop something that was a bit of a throwback, like those old classic folk songs about travel and adventure. The original vocal was recorded over an acoustic guitar and then we laid down the melody and lyrics. The song is about one of my best friends who had left his life and corporate job in NYC to travel and see the world."

Today (July 14)Billboard Dance has the exclusive premiere of the bubbly single's lyric video. Watch it below: