Hakkasan Group & Proximity Team Up to Expand Digital Audience & Live Reach: Exclusive

Al Powers
OMNIA Nightclub in Las Vegas.

Nightlife juggernaut Hakkasan Group and YouTube dance curator Proximity have teamed up to strengthen each other's platforms, both online and off.

Proximity, led by founder Blake Coppelson, boasts an audience of nearly five million YouTube subscribers, and has become an influential taste-maker in the electronic music space. "This partnership is a stepping stone for us to move offline and start co-producing live events," Coppelson tells Billboard. "Our goal is not to sponsor events, but rather enhance the experience that attendees feel at each show across the U.S."

Given Proximity's vast online reach to dance music listeners and Hakkasan Group's ever-growing authority in the live space, the alliance between the two seems to be a perfect match.  Sal Wise, Hakkasan Group's Executive Director of Nightlife Marketing, says, "We are extremely excited to be working with Proximity and to explore a different platform to reach our audiences. Proximity holds an immense influence within the electronic music industry, and we are really looking forward to producing innovative content to engage our viewers in a new way."

The two recently partnered up during EDC Las Vegas week in June to co-brand numerous events at Omnia Nightclub, Hakkassan Nightclub and Wet Republic, including shows where superstar DJs like Martin Garrix and Kaskade headlined. Hakkasan Group plans on enlisting the support of Proximity, and vice-versa, on major events going forward -- including shows taking place Labor Day Weekend where Calvin Harris, Zedd and more will be gracing the stage.

Watch Proximity's recap video below, highlighting EDC Vegas week.