Oliver Announce Debut Album 'Full Circle,' Share 'Heart Attack' Feat. De La Soul: Listen

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After seven years of electronic experimentation and creative fermentation, L.A.-based dance duo Oliver are ready for their close-up.

The disco lovers have enjoyed success with its EPs Dirty Talk, Mechanical and Light Years Away, but those were just foreplay for the inevitable. The two friends spent the last few years cooking up something extra special, and come Aug. 25, the world will see Oliver's vision in hyper-dimensional technicolor on its debut full-length LP, Full Circle.

“It's not really an album era anymore, but we love albums,” says Oliver's “Oligee” Goldstein. “We wanted to create a piece of work that had an arc to it, that shows a lot of different approaches stylistically. When you have a three- or four-song EP, you can't really showcase everything that you want to say. With a full-length, we could really spread it out and just show all the different ideas and different sides of us.”

Full Circle is a 10-track journey through space and time. It's got the shine of '70s glamor and funk with the sci-fi tech of '80s dance and plenty of 2017 attitude. It sticks close to Oliver's philosophy of timelessness, because if you're going to write an LP, the last thing you want it to be is disposable.

“There's this idea in electronic music that things move so fast,” Goldstein says. “There are so many different subgenres, and fads come and go really quickly. We wanted to really make sure that it has this nebulous, genre-less vibe to it.”

To reach this result, the guys pressed "pause" on the outside world, turning the volume down on trends and outsiders and giving themselves the room to be influenced by their own inner-artists. They'd check in with each other, creating a mental bucket list of styles to hit and moments to create in order to give fans the best, all-encompassing version of who Oliver truly is. There's a touch of old-school electro here, a bit of R&B there, but it all blends beautifully into one, forward-moving, danceable groove.

“We're constantly trying to push the boundaries of music production while trying to maintain the soul and spirit of the music we both grew up on from the past,” they say in a joint statement. “With the technology of music advancing and evolving all the time. It can be a real challenge to maintain a sense of individuality, so it was a goal of ours to make sure our personalities shined through and that we have a unique voice in the world. Having the opportunity to do a full album allowed us to show a lot of different sides to what we do.”

The guys first shared a taste of the record with hard-pulsing, '80s-influenced lead single “Electrify.” Now, the duo ups the ante with an assist from hip-hop legends De La Soul on a space-age retro wave. “Heart Attack” has booty-shakin' synths, wonky bass, shimmering strings and swaggy vocoder for an all-over hip vibe that hits all the right angles.

It's a really good appetizer for what's to come, but there are still lots of tricks up this album's sleeve. Full Circle is out in full Friday, Aug. 25. Mark your calendar for interstellar groove, check Oliver's upcoming tour dates, and listen to “Heart Attack” with De La Soul below.

Oliver Tour Dates

July 28 – Seattle, WA Foundation
July 29 – Portland, OR Jade Room Portland
July 30 – Vancouver, BC Electric Love Festival
Sept. 15 – Chicago, IL The Mid
Sept. 16 – San Francisco, CA Audio Nightclub
Sept. 28 – Brooklyn, NY Good Room
Sept. 29 – Washington, DC U Street Music Hall
Sept. 30 – Los Angeles, CA Sound Nightclub