Brazil's Bruno Martini Lays Back on 'Sun Goes Down': Exclusive

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Natalia Ferreira/Kiron Comunicação
Bruno Martini

Bravo for Brazilian producer Bruno Martini. His laid-back, poolside style got him the distinct honor of being the first of his country to sign a global artist deal with Universal Music Group. He's representing that warm and colorful culture with every thumping beat.

He broke through with the collaborative hit “Hear Me Now,” alongside Alok and Zeeba. He follows that whistled melody with another refreshing tune. “Sun Goes Down” is a cool house track ready for midday relaxation and twilight romance. Singer Isadora paints with pink and yellow hues all over the dark blue of Martini's rhythm.

“Sun Goes Down” is out everywhere on Aftercluv Friday, but you can listen to it in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.