deadmau5 Takes Jab at DJ Khaled's EDC Vegas 2017 Set on Twitter

Scott Legato/Getty Images
Deadmau5 performs during Music Midtown 2016 at Piedmont Park on Sept. 18, 2016 in Atlanta.

Since the whole dance music world is currently making jokes at DJ Khaled's expense, it goes without saying deadmau5 would join the fray.

To be fair, he wasn't just trolling the Internet looking for a reason: A fan actually invited him to rate the set via Twitter. He ended up offering a few choice words for the hip-hop mega-producer, and he might just take a page out of Khaled's playbook next time something goes wrong.

Khaled's set was doomed from the start. He explained his woes via Instagram, saying "They-- Tried to sabotage my sound so many times THEY couldnot get the sound right on my set and i still stood on stage wit no sound and when they got the sound to work they want cut my set short but I still rep for my people anyone else would walk off stage.”

deadmau5, for one, is not buying it. Check out his comments below.