Eliot Lipp's 'Skywave' LP Is a Playground of Sound: Exclusive

Patrick Murray
Eliot Lipp

Austin-based producer Eliot Lipp's latest album Skywave is a varied collection of voluptuous sounds. It's funky and experimental, crunchy and distorted, romantic, thoughtful, and all around playful from beginning to end.

“I see each new record as an opportunity to redefine my style as a producer,” Lipp says in an emailed statement. “All of last year was spent collaborating with artists and crafting some unique flavors of sound design. When I decided to turn what were only ideas and sketches into an album, I focused on depth. I pushed the rhythms to give the music more character, and went for deeper tones overall so melodies would be more pronounced.  Each song on Skywave is designed to convey its own mood and tell its own story.”

Lipp pulls from a wide range of influences, from folk guitar to hip-hop, sci-fi soundtracks, the '80s, the '70s and more. It's got some hidden collaborations sprinkled throughout: The remix of Emancipator's “Not Quite Awake” was a highlight for Lipp, but listen closely to “Joyride,” and you'll hear cuts and scratches from DMC Champ Chris Karns, as well as live drums and layered vocal samples. “Reflection” is a stand-out track, the result of a jam session with Nashville-based Gibbs and the duo Cherub. He also teamed with a group of producers from Seattle called Fish Tank Friends on “Spiders.”

Skywave is nine tracks of energetic adventure. It's out on Young Heavy Souls Friday, June 23, but you can preorder online and listen to it in full below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.