Lana Del Rey's 10 Best Songs: Critic's Picks

Lana Del Rey
Neil Krug

Lana Del Rey

If there’s one word that describes much of Lana Del Rey’s gem-filled catalog, it’s dreamy. There’s almost always references to Hollywood (or Hollyweird, as Del Rey calls it), fame, love, and the occasional little red party dress. With the new Lust For Life era fast approaching, we chose a list of the 10 best Lana Del Rey songs that we could keep on repeat forever.

10. Lana Del Rey - "Music To Watch Boys To" (Honeymoon, 2015)

This super-hazy, wistful track may in fact be the perfect song for the titular activity. 


9. Lana Del Rey - "Radio" (Born to Die, 2012)

“Not even they can stop me now.” The opening line sets the tone for this track, about finally achieving your dreams after chasing after them for so long.


8. Lana Del Rey - "National Anthem" (Born to Die, 2012)

The A$AP Rocky-featuring visual for this Born To Die cut was clearly inspired by the love triangle that took place during JFK’s presidency. Lana’s “gangsta Nancy Sinatra” side makes a signature appearance here.


7. Lana Del Rey - "Pretty When You Cry" (Ultraviolence, 2014)

Beginning with strings and static, this darker cut explores searching for a love that may never be Lana's -- but at least she tells herself, “I’m pretty when I cry.”

6. Lana Del Rey - "Freak" (Honeymoon, 2015)

“Freak” has all the ingredients for a trademark Lana Del Rey track, and a video with the same aesthetic to match. Father John Misty makes an appearance in this visual -- and there’s acid, nature, and even some slow-motion underwater scenes.


5. Lana Del Rey - "American" (Paradise EP, 2012)

Produced by frequent collaborators Emile Haynie and Rick Nowels, Lana Del Rey's song “American” is an easygoing EP cut with delicious melodies. “Be young, be dope be proud," Lana croons, "like an American.”


4. Lana Del Rey - "Old Money" (Ultraviolence, 2014)

The most mellow track on Ultraviolence, “Old Money” showcases Lana’s stunning vocals and is dripping in nostalgia. The whole track is beautiful, from production to lyrical content.

3. Lana Del Rey - "Ride" (Paradise EP, 2012)

Accompanied by music video that resembles a short film, “Ride” is all about freedom -- freedom of the open road and freedom from that which holds her back -- all delivered with one of Lana's most soulful vocals to date.


2. Lana Del Rey - "Born To Die" (Born to Die, 2012)

The first few notes of this Lana Del Rey song signal the orchestral sound that carries much of the album it gives its title to. The acclaimed track is full of love, and the desire to live life on the wild side.


1. Lana Del Rey - "Video Games" (Born to Die, 2012)

It’s no accident that Del Rey's breakout single remains one of her most popular songs. The down-tempo ballad is absolutely hypnotic, with lyrics that feel nostalgic and relatable like, “Watching all our friends fall/ In and out of Old Paul's/ This is my idea of fun/ Playing video games.”