Dive Into Disco With Oliver Heldens' 'Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It)': Premiere

Oliver Heldens
Bart Jansen

Oliver Heldens

A child born in 1977 would have been legally able to vote in a US Presidential election by the time Oliver Heldens was born. The Dutch DJ and producer hasn't the faintest memory of old school discotheques, and yet, his latest single “Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It)” somehow perfectly captures the spirit of OG dance floor mania.

The thump of the bass is the first thing that hits you, just as if you walked up to a closed door in the middle of the night. Once opened, the arpeggiated melody greets you onto the dance floor with a style the legend Giorgio Moroder could be proud of. The vocal hook is simple and straightforward, because the best disco is as uncomplicated as possible.

“Ibiza 77 (Can You Feel It)” is the first in a string of upcoming summer songs from Heldens as he begins his residency at The White Isle's Hï Ibiza, formerly Club Space. It's out now on his own Heldeep Records. Check it out and burn this to the ground below.