josh pan, X&G Hypnotize the Desensitized Masses in 'nowhere' Video: Watch

Courtesy Photo
Josh Pan in the video for "nowhere."

In a time when politics fuel the 24-hour new cycle and fill our social feeds, it's inevitable that musicians get their voice in play. josh pan's latest single “Nowhere,” featuring ghostly vocals from pan and a production assist from X&G, is a silent shout of protest with a spine made of bass, and the video attempts to break the spell of fake news and talking heads with one of its own.

"At times like this, we need to stick together and realize that we're all from the same place,” pan is quoted in a press release. “We all want to feel safe and loved. I've always known that music has (the) ability to speak a language much deeper than we know and to bring people together. This is the vision we had for 'nowhere.'"

Viewers around the nation are hypnotized by josh pan as he sits playing humanity's strife out on the piano keys. The power of the music can't be stopped, not by bullets or anything else. It's a somber metaphor, directed by OWSLA favorite Liam Underwood, who previously worked with Getter, Hundred Waters, as well as with pan and X&G on the single “Platinum," and in collaboration with WAV.

Check the clip for “nowhere” below.