Viceroy and Tom Aspaul 'Improvise' on New Genre-Bending Single : Exclusive

Austen Afridi


When it came to taking on a new genre, San Francisco-based producer Viceroy’s best bet was to just try and wing it. On his new track “Improvise,” a collaboration with British singer-songwriter Tom Aspaul, Viceroy trades the electronic beats for a disco rhythm with the same signature summertime vibes.

"I’ve been really striving to move my music towards a full-on disco and funk feel,” Viceroy tells Billboard. “‘Improvise’ is really my first single that showcases my passion of mine.”

The single begins with a breezy synth sequence and soulful vocal take from Aspaul, but it doesn’t take long for the layers of funk and disco influences to reveal themselves. The striking piano melody shakes the song into new territory for Viceroy, while a pounding bass bedrock encourages more disco stepping than head nodding. For an experiment, the producer surely pulls it off as planned.

“Improvise” will be released wide on June 9 via Dim Mak, but check it out exclusively on Billboard below. Viceroy will also be hitting the festival circuit this year with stops at Electric Forest this month and Life is Beautiful in September.