The Chainsmokers' 2017 Arena Tour: A Behind-The-Scenes Look

The Chainsmokers perform during their 2017 arena tour.
Olav Stubberud

The Chainsmokers perform during their 2017 arena tour.

The Chainsmokers' North American arena tour comes to a close this Friday (June 10) at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens, New York, for what is sure to be a memorable finish accompanied by confetti, lasers and pyro galore.

And yes, there will also be 100,000 pounds of lighting fixtures and an embedded elevator that allows the DJ booth to disappear and reappear throughout the show. The creative team behind this massive stage production is L.A.-based company Production Club, the masterminds behind Zedd’s True Colors tour and all of Skrillex's live spaceship runs.

Corey Johnson, executive producer of Production Club, says the company’s main challenge was creating a Chainsmokers show that embraced the duo’s hybridity, appealing to dance and pop fans alike.

"This is a major part of what makes the show unique," Johnson tells Billboard. "Our team worked very hard to deliver a show that was innovative and visually compelling for electronic fans while also employing live band and pop concert dynamics."

Olav Stubberud

Initial talks surrounding the behemoth began in October 2016, after Chainsmokers' tour manager Clancy Silver linked the group’s management with Production Club. "We had the concept in place by November/December, started the real production in January and then worked non-stop for four months," says Johnson.

The tour required the manpower of a small army. "The show and crew travel in 12 trucks and 7 busses," he says. "There are over 50 crew on the road building and striking the show each day. The Production Club team that designed and produced the show was comprised of about 20 people and created all the visuals as well."

Johnson tags Production Club’s production designer and creative director, Miguel Risueño, as the "real genius behind the show... There are over 400 lighting fixtures in the overall rig which weighs about 100,000 pounds in all," he says. "We also carry a semi-custom stage with an embedded 20' x 8' elevator to allow the DJ booth to appear and disappear throughout the show."

Danilo Lewis

On top of doing a full-fledged tour, The Chainsmokers’ Andrew Taggert and Alex Pall have been racking up frequent flyer miles in between their arena gigs. Silver mentions, "We’re doing fly-outs to Vegas every week, we’ve done ten of them over the course of the tour, we’ve flown to Europe in the middle of this tour, we’ve got festivals right after this tour so we brought in a company called Live Management to run the tour."

Think of it as one company handing off the baton to the next in which Live Management handles the tour direction and implementation of what Production Club has constructed and designed into place.

Tickets to the final dates on The Chainsmokers' Memories Do Not Open tour can be purchased on their website