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Nic Fanciulli Makes 'Wrong' Sound So Right, Releases 'My Heart' Album Track List: Listen

Marc de Groot
Nic Fanciulli

Ever been to a party that you knew you had to leave, but the music was so good, you stay an extra two hours? That kind of behavior comes with a price tag, but when the dance floor is jumpin' and the beat is relentless, you're the happiest kind of prisoner.

Nic Fanciulli's “Wrong,” lead single from his upcoming album My Heart, is exactly that kind of beat. It drags you like a riptide with its deep bass and beautiful repetition. It's got classic house vibes with an industrial edge, thanks to additional production from French techno lover Agoria and rich vocals courtesy of JAW.

For sure “Wrong” will feature prominently in Fanciulli's upcoming Ibiza gigs. It's also the first taste of what's to come on his forthcoming LP, My Heart, out everywhere Oct. 20, with guest spots from Guy Gerber, Audion, Eagles and Butterflies, and Jamie Principle.

Listen to "Wrong" and check out the My Heart track list below.

1. My Heart (Intro)
2. No Imitations
3. 100mph (Feat. Jamie Principle)
4. Twisted 
5. The First Step 
6. Wrong (Feat. Agoria & JAW)
7. The Perfect Crime (Feat. Guy Gerber)
8. Resistance (Feat. Audion)
9. My Love
10. I’m Tired (Interlude)
11. After Time
12. Sunshine 101
13. Little L (Feat. Eagles & Butterflies)
14. The Light (Feat. CONSTANCE) (Interlude)
15. First Light (Outro)