Mura Masa and Desiigner's 'All Around The World' Video Is a Long Shot: Watch

Courtesy Photo
A scene from the video for "All Around The World" by Mura Masa featuring Desiigner.

Mura Masa hails from Guernsey and lives in London. Desiigner started rapping on the streets of Brooklyn. The pair's collaboration “All Around The World” is a trap-infused party anthem for an international audience, but for the music video, the MC took a flight to flex in iconic southern California.

Recorded in a single take by Yoni Lappin, Desiigner dances and smiles, rapping about his victories as a young man who made it. Women in cheerleader costumes dance in the background, a fancy car does a few cool doughnuts in the parking lot, some kid rides his bike. It's like the perfect sunset rap party, set to Mura Masa's signature, colorful bounce.

Watch the fun unfold below, and look out for Mura Masa's self-titled debut LP out everywhere July 14.