Do LaB Co-Founder Claims She Was Pushed Out, Shares Her Story

A general view of The Woogie Stage during the 2015 Lightning In A Bottle Festival on May 22, 2015 in San Miguel, Calif.
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A general view of The Woogie Stage during the 2015 Lightning In A Bottle Festival on May 22, 2015 in San Miguel, Calif. 

As Los Angeles-based event designers The Do LaB opens the gates for its annual flagship festival Lightning in a Bottle, one woman has a disturbing tale to tell.

Dream Rockwell was a founding member of the company and the event, and she claims in a recent post to her website Lucent Dossier that her two year absence from the festival and subsequent departure from the company was not entirely amicable.

Rockwell has been widely credited as a co-founder of The Do LaB alongside brothers Josh and Jesse Flemming. In a recent interview with Billboard, Rockwell was not named by the brothers as an initial partner, but has since been confirmed as such. According to Rockwell's story, she was integral in the creation of the first Lightning in a Bottle festivals and was very close with Josh at the time of the event and the Do LaB's inception.

“LIB is our child,” she writes. “Josh and I really birthed the founding ideas, with the incredible execution of Jesse first and then ultimately joined by Marsi (Frey), Monica (Fernandez) and so many others.”

Rockwell cites the inclusion of the Flemming's younger brother Dede as the moment things began to change. In 2010, the festival moved locations to Oak Canyon in Silverado, Ca., and according to her, his approach to the business saw her responsibilities redistributed one by one to different agents within the company.

The split came to a head when the Flemmings allegedly refiled the corporation, changing the registration from “The Do LaB, Inc.” founded in 2005, to “The Do LaB, LLC” in 2011. This refiling effectively dissolved Rockwell's legal claims to the company, and in her opinion, completely pushed her out of the project. Rockwell names a few other individuals, all female, who she sees as having been put out or underappreciated by the company throughout the years.

“Now that I have eyes to see and ears to hear, I can tell you they are endeavoring to erase my name from The Do LaB history and my title as the Co-Creator and Co-Founde,” she writes. “When will it feel good for a man to stand beside a woman, as equal partners, in business, in creation and for it to make the man feel proud that he is the trusted equal partner of a female?”

In the end, Rockwell said she wishes no ill will toward the Flemmings and the festival, and encouraged fans to attend and create the beautiful atmosphere she always envisioned for Lightning in a Bottle. She just hopes to be credited where credit is deserved.

“Sending enormous love to each of you who have supported the festival and everyone involved over the years,” she writes. “I ask that you remain positive, strong, continue to support LIB with your presence and positive change, and have faith that this will all be resolved in due time and in the right way. Send lots of love to the brothers. We are all learning and growing.”

You can read Rockwell's full post at Meanwhile, the Flemmings and the Do LaB team have issued their official response via the company's website.

It reads how "saddened and disappointed" the team was to read Rockwell's piece they called a "long list of disparaging inaccuracies and calculated timing." According to the Do LaB, Rockwell joined the team in 2004, five years after the initial Lightning in a Bottle event in 1999, and though she was a co-founder of the original The Do LaB Inc., she separated herself when she formed a new business entity for her cirque-style entertainment company Lucent Dossier. The two companies continued to work closely, but all communication and ties ceased when Rockwell sued Do LaB and the Flemming brothers in June of 2016.

"It has never been our intention to erase Dream Rockwell’s contribution to Do LaB and Lightning in a Bottle, or to remove her from its history," the statement reads. "We have avoided any public statement on this matter because of the on-going lawsuit, and because we do not intend to have a public argument about the details of the past. We look forward to ending this dispute privately so that we may both move on and mend the inevitable hurt that comes when relationships reach an end. We still love Dream and the wonderful things we were able to create together, and we wish her the best."

Read the full statement from the Do LaB online.


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