Feed Me's 'Existential Crisis' Is the Synthtastic Panic Button That'll Save Your Day: Exclusive

FEED ME, 'Existential Crisis'
Courtesy of FEED ME

FEED ME, 'Existential Crisis'

We've got a little monster music for your Monday. Feed Me has announced a new five-track EP coming at you via mau5trap records Friday, May 19. The bass-riddled, glitchy collection was written and recorded while the beastly producer was on tour with deadmau5. It's called Existential Crisis, and we've got the title track in all its space-synth glory.

“Existential Crisis” is Feed Me on a funky, disco vibe. It's got a certain Daft Punk groove to it, with the sound of screeching guitars, interstellar synths, and filtered noise. It's got a steady beat and synthetic textures similar to some of deadmau5's early works. It's definitely at home on the mau5-man's label. It's a solid five minutes of dance floor energy with the kind of sonic attention to detail that makes Feed Me's music so great for audiophiles. Definitely put your headphones to good use with this one.

Existential Crisis is out on mau5trap Friday, May 19. Listen to the title track today, exclusively on Billboard Dance.


1. Existential Crisis

2. Starcrash

3. Shell Pet

4. Beans Baxter

5. Crazy Maybe feat. Kill The Noise & Anjulie