Jean-Michel Jarre on French Presidential Election: 'We Got it Right and We Didn't Get Extreme Right'

French electronic music pioneer Jean-Michel Jarre dropped by Billboard's office on Friday, May 12, for a far-ranging interview that touched on his first-ever US tour, recent Oxygene 3 album release and thoughts on the current political climate.

In one particularly interesting excerpt, Jarre weighed in on Emmanuel Macron's victory in the recent French presidential election.

"I think that in France we got it right and we didn’t get extreme right. So this is very good news," he said. "Also the fact that we have fresh blood. It’s great to have a President in his late 30s, it means that... this man will have by nature and by generation, of course, an immediate understanding of the world today. And we’ve been in France, but it's true in a lot of countries and unfortunately true also in your country... it’s not a matter of age, it’s a matter of system. What’s happening in the world is a massive rejection of the political system of the 20th century. We need something else. The French election showed, like Brexit, like here in the states, that people are fed up with the scheme. They can go extreme, it has been the case in your country. It almost has been the case in France. But fortunately in France it has been the same phenomenon of rejection but we found one guy who is able to not be on the dark side of the force."