Justin Caruso Shows His Softer Side on 'Love Somebody' With Chris Lee: Premiere

Chris Rasmussen

Get ready for the softer side of Justin Caruso. The young gun producer puts his sensitive side on display with his latest single “Love Somebody,” and a lot of that newfound tranquility comes from his vocal collaborator, Chris Lee.

“I really wasn't sure where I wanted to take this song when I sent it to Chris, it was really just a skeleton laying down some ideas here and there,” Caruso says in an emailed statement. “Chris really paved the way for the vibe of this song with his soft vocals, and from there, I was able to keep this song more down tempo and easy listening to ride with the vocals. I think along with that easy listening, you can still hear my signature sounds that I've had in my more upbeat songs.”

“Love Somebody” is a smiling ballad about finding strength the ones we adore. Lee's raspy whisper gives bedroom eyes over Caruso's acoustic touches, while the hook holds strong with rhythmic synth lines. It's a good mix of folksy cuteness and electro excitement.

It's out today 3LAU's charity label Blume, which means listening to it does the world a whole lot of good. Listen to “Love Somebody” below, and spread the positive vibes.