Junior Sanchez Praises Peers on New LP 'Under the Influence Of...': Listen to New Song 'You, I & The Music' (Exclusive)

Junior Sanchez
Jim Morton

Junior Sanchez

No one ever did anything all by themselves. Shout out to all the friends, family, and inspirational figures that make your world go 'round. You've got to show them love and appreciation from time to time, and Junior Sanchez is paying his dues to the homies and heroes that shaped his legendary career through the years.

His next album is a big, confetti-filled celebration of some of the best minds in funky house music through the decades. It's called Under The Influence Of…, and it's super-duper disco-licious.

“It encompasses all my influence from my culture in house music and my peers,” Sanchez says in an emailed statement. “I really centered on channeling my friends and let them influence the art in my mind and ears, so the album you hear will evoke the same feelings and emotions that I had when I was influenced by my peers; Masters At Work, Mood 2 Swing, Armand Van Helden, Todd Terry, Daft Punk, Kerri Chandler, MK, the list goes on and on. I wanted to make a house album and pay homage to all the influencers who paved the way for what we have today, and preserve the art in our culture.”

You know he had to drop that funk for the lead single. Sanchez warms the dance floor with the Cassius-esque, French Touch-inspired “You, I & The Music.” It's a glitched groove with choppy vocals and a kaleidoscope of colors, both in the bass-forward hook and the visually-stimulating music video.

“This song is about a man realizing that he understands finally that all he needs is love & music and through falling in love he discovers it's just that,” he says. “'You, I & The Music' is all you need.”

Under The Influence Of… comes out on Armada Music. Break it down with “You, I & The Music” below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.