'Missing Link' EP Connects Chet Faker's Past to Nick Murphy's Future: Listen

Nick Murphy
Tyler Mitchell

Nick Murphy

Nick Murphy started his career as the sensual, soulful Chet Faker, a play on jazz trumpeter Chet Baker. It was a project that stole the hearts of fans everywhere with intimate live performances, heartfelt lyrics, and future bass influences -- but it wasn't bringing Murphy total artistic fulfillment.

“Chet Faker was me trying to prove something to myself,” says Murphy in a press release. “But my tastes are pretty dynamic, and I realized I’ve spent time resisting that. Now I want to put everything in. It’s not conceptual anymore. It’s just me, and it made sense to show that in a name. It feels like a rediscovery.”

He recently dropped the moniker, threw away the gimmicks, and took up his birth name. His first single as such, “Your Time,” is co-produced by Kaytranada. His silky voice is just as smooth. Playful percussion is still a cornerstone. There does seem to be more of a twisted-pop edge to the vocal performance, like Chet Faker trying his hand at playing Justin Timberlake.

“Your Time” is the first of five tracks to come on Missing Link, an EP out today on Downtown Records, meant as a sonic stepping stone between the old Chet Faker catalog and the exciting, experimental pop future Nick Murphy can't wait to explore. It's followed by “Forget About Me,” an upbeat jam built around cinematic strings, a rock vocal, and a bumpin' disco beat.

Get to know Nick Murphy better when he hits the road on a live world tour, full dates listed below. For tickets and more information, visit Nick Murphy online, and listen to Missing Link below.