Boys Noize Hits Justice's 'Randy' With Brooding Bass: Listen

Michael Tullberg/FilmMagic
DJ Boys Noize (Alexander Ridha) performs live on Day One of the 2012 HARD SUMMER Music Festival at Los Angeles State Historic Park on Aug. 3, 2012 in Los Angeles.

Everyone in the Ed Banger crew is pumped for the label's upcoming 100th release. It's a special moment that took 15 years to arrive, so it's got to be commemorated properly.

Instead of choosing one artist to honor, label head Busy P asked the whole fam to submit new material. Boys Noize is one of Ed Banger's best friends, and he gifts the world a remix of Justice's killer disco anthem “Randy,” the only official remix to come from the Franch duo's latest LP Woman.

“I love Randy,” Boys Noize is quoted in a press release. “We've been friends forever. This one night, I took him to a HI-NRG TECHNO DISCO and we raved till Monday morning. We were at our peak when this remix came on.”

Noize really turned up the attitude on this one. He took the brilliant groove, chopped it up to high heaven, and bolstered it with a big boost of bass. It'll give the blog house lover in you a chill.

The full compilation comes out Friday, May 12. Listen to Boys Noize's “Randy” remix below via Billboard Dance.