Taryn Manning Lives the 'GLTCHLFE' in New Visual Off Upcoming EP: Exclusive

Taryn Manning
Tina Turnbow

Taryn Manning

Taryn Manning made a name for herself in the Netflix smash-hit Orange Is The New Black and she's now flexing her musical muscles with her latest release “GLTCHLFE," premiering exclusively on Billboard today (May 5).

While Manning has been releasing singles for several years, “GLTCHLFE” marks the first piece in what will be a larger body of work. It's the title track off her upcoming EP, she tells Billboard.

The friends and colleagues who worked on the track are a big reason why she decided to create an intense accompanying visual. "It’s not necessary the best track or the biggest hit,” Manning explains. "It’s a mix between me, my favorite jam and my favorite producer who stood by me through the test of time." The video for the synth-heavy, up-tempo composition -- that keeps hearts pumping for all its 3 minutes and 40 seconds -- was filmed in a reportedly haunted mansion in upstate New York. The Hellin Kay-directed visual follows Manning as she moves through the 36-room house, going from areas like the bathtub to a mantel in the living area. 

Speaking on how they decided on this location, Manning says, "The mansion is super dilapidated and not very functioning but the land is gorgeous. When Hellin Kay heard this song and I spoke to her about the lyrics and what I was writing about, she had this vision of this extremely lonely woman, epic yet tragic, same as the mansion since it hasn't really been kept up."

The visualization stems from Manning's incredibly raw lyrics, as she sings lines like, "And all I can say is/ I'm sorry for breaking/ All I can do is/ Just promise to love you." She opened up about the meaning behind the title "GLTCHLFE," explaining, "It’s a mixture between technology and humans and how to marry these worlds and you really can’t have one without the other. If we get hacked or our Mac is down because we spilled water on it, your whole life goes to shambles. It’s a glitched life.”

Get lost in the visual below and download the track here.

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