Here Are Ja Rule's Most Cringeworthy Fyre Festival Tweets

Look. I love Ja Rule. I saw him totally rock a stage recently. He killed it. He even took his shirt off, and everything about his froggy-throated, badass self was the perfect picture of my early aughts nostalgia.

All that said, his Fyre Festival is an unmitigated disaster. This beats TomorrowWorld's total muddy mess. This can only be compared to spending $4,000 to $250,000 on a crappy tent and a cheese sandwich, only to be locked into a room by security while your stuff gets stolen – because that's exactly what's being reported from those on the ground.

Oh, Ja Rule. You had such great hopes for the Bahamian extravaganza. The rapper has sensibly deleted a lot of his Instagram posts boasting of Fyre's intended greatness, but the Internet has the memory of an elephant, and screenshots are a true buried treasure. Also, he left a lot of the tweets linking to the posts up. Here are the most cringeworthy moments of Fyre Festival's promo past.


Wow!!! Get you tickets NOW!!! @fyrefestival @fyre_app

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How it was supposed to look...


In 2 weeks we kick off the first ever @fyrefestival hope y'all ready for the madness!!! #fyrefestival

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Versus reality.


#tbt @gq man of the year 2002... #fyre #fyrefestival

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