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Total Ape Relives LA Celebrity Robberies in 'More' Video: Exclusive

Courtesy Photo
A scene from the video for "More" by Total Ape featuring Miss Li. 

Remember a few years ago when a group of teenage girls in Los Angeles kept breaking into celebrities' homes to steal their valuables? They were inspired by flashy Instagram posts, and in the end, they were busted, but it made for one hell of a news story. It even inspired Sophia Coppola to direct a film about the crimes, titled The Bling Ring.

Art continues to imitate that wild tale of excess and invasion. Warner Bros. signee Total Ape debuts its second single “More” with a music video that depicts the vandals having a royal blast at the expense of A-listers. It's a fun visual for an even more fun dance tune that draws inspiration from man's luxury-obsessed culture.

"More is all about excess,” Total Ape says in an emailed statement. “The old indian and pagan tribes used to gather all their riches and burn them, just to show off their swag. Today, we as a civilization are still about that life. From something relatively small like people just going hard on the weekend, to the truly extravagant, like Nicholas Cage buying dinosaur skulls for millions, or Mike Tyson in general. The song is really about the nature of human beings.”

With vocals from Miss Li, “More” proves the duo's skill with a danceable groove. It's more playful than its predecessor “Young Gods,” full of carefree funk and pitched-up vocals. It's got a hook that digs deep into your brain and nestles in for good. Check it out for yourself below, exclusively on Billboard Dance