Ellen Allien's 'Call Me' Is Eerie, Sensual Techno: Exclusive

Kieran Behan
Ellen Allien

Berlin techno boss Ellen Allien is no stranger to dark rooms and the booms within. She's been a leader and innovator in the post-Wall scene since the early '90s. Her music is her love letter to the complicated city of her birth, and her latest album, the forthcoming Nost, is a funky examination of techno's past, its fertile present, and it's exciting future.

Nost, short for nostalgia, is a dark and quirky state of the Allien's union. It's her first LP since 2013's LiSm, and we're stoked to share the kinky, techy single “Call Me.” It's weirdly catchy and sensual in an off-putting way. Eerie synth chords swirl around a beat that just won't quit, and Alien's voice comes in with an NSFW call to action. Sex is a little dangerous in the Berlin club scene, but that's what makes it so alluring, right?

Nost comes out on Alien's label BPitch Control Friday, May 12, but you can listen to “Call Me” below, exclusively on Billboard Dance