Lostboycrow Debuts New Video for 'Real Name': Premiere

Teren Mabry


L.A. pop and R&B-inspired artist Lostboycrow released a new music video for their fresh single, “Real Name." Billboard exclusively premieres the track Tuesday (April 25), which marks the first single off their anticipated album. 

The single is part of their EP arrangement called Legends. The group plans to release each short EP throughout the year. “Each of the three Legends makes up a larger map that guides the traveler (Lostboycrow) on his journey,” states a press release. “The first legend is set for release in May.”

The video that was directed by Sam Miller takes fans on a journey in deserted areas while contemplating the meaning of his existence and how that comes to play with his own path in life. 

“Real name, what’s your name?/ You can be whatever you want to and it’s all your stage/ Real names chasing lose change/ Oh,  you’ll never know where it takes you, but you can’t stay,” the hook that is played throughout the track. 

"This song is my anthem and the video is my invitation to the world," explains Lostboycrow. "'Real Name' is the moment of realization that our passions are not coincidence -- and a most sacred pursuit to watch them all take shape.”

Watch & listen to the “Real Name” below.