DJ Snake Gets Real and Cries a Bit in Hilarious Hot Ones Interview: Watch

DJ Snake eats hot wings on 'First We Feast' episode.
Courtesy Photo

DJ Snake eats hot wings on First We Feast episode. 

DJ Snake is just a regular dude. When he eats super hot wings, he cries like everyone else. He recently sat down to prove his humanity in the latest Hot Ones interview, in which artists sit down to enjoy a rapid fire round of questions as well as endure an ever-increasingly spicy barrage of hot wings.

In DJ Snake's case, we hear some cool behind-the-scenes stories about his hits and career. For instance, Justin Bieber wasn't supposed to be on “Let Me Love You,” but he heard the hook and instantly demanded to be on the song. Two days before the record was released, he dropped off his vocal. Great success.

Snake spoke about his soccer tournament in Miami featuring other DJs. Apparently Kygo is a serious runner. As the wings get hotter, the questions heat up. They speak about DJ Snake's distaste for his own stage name, his past as a graffiti artist, must-visit travel destinations, and more.

It's a real funny interview. If you're a DJ Snake fan or just enjoy good entertainment, definitely check this one out. It's just under 19 minutes, so it's a good way to kill some of that Friday afternoon. Watch the full interview below, and follow First We Feast for more funny Hot Ones interviews.