Martin Garrix Takes Over Famed Amsterdam Studio in Name of STMPD RCRDS

Martin Garrix
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Martin Garrix

At 20 years old, Martin Garrix has accomplished more than most humans will accomplish in a lifetime. He's worked his way through the ranks of his producer/DJ peers to headline the largest music festivals in the world. A year ago, he started his own label and signed successful artists, and now, he's taking over a famed Amsterdam recording studio and turning it into his own label headquarters.

STMPD RCRDS will takeover FC Walvisch in Amsterdam, a spot used by international superstars Pharrell Williams, Lady Gaga, Snoop Dogg, and others. The space is renown for its high-end equipment and creative atmosphere. Garrix intends to turn the space into “the place in Amsterdam where writers, musicians and producers from all over the world can get together to create amazing music in an inspiring environment,” according to a press release.

The studio will be renamed STMPD recording studios and will get a full facelift, although the facilities will remain state of the art. The FC Walvisch team will remain in place at STMPD recording studios and continue its work in the commercial and film industry, for which it became famous.

“I am proud of my team, and that they will go on with Martin Garrix,” FC Walvisch founder Marcel is quoted in a press release. “I have never done any work other than sound design and music production. This is the best job there is, so I’m definitely continuing with FC Walvisch. I wish my team all the best in the future and will definitely keep visiting the studio myself.”

Congrats to Garrix. Check STMPD recording studios out online for more information.