The Martinez Brothers Talk Coachella 2017, Ibiza & the Revenge of American Dance: Exclusive

Martinez Brothers

At Coachella, it's not just about the party, it's about the afterparty. The Martinez Brothers learned a lot about the late-night get-downs of Coachella after this past weekend 1 experience, and they can't wait to come back to the Yuma tent with a renewed party energy for weekend 2.

As they found downtime to relax and re-energize before this weekend's event, the young DJs took a moment to chat with Billboard Dance's Matt Medved about their experiences on the island of Ibiza and how they perceive the famous isle's ever-changing faces and culture.

“I feel like we're a part of the new school of that scene, the techno and house scene,” Steven Martinez says. For people like us, it's cool, it's time to go. But everything has to go through change, everything has to evolve. That's just how it is. I don't feel bad or good about it, I just feel like it's a natural process.”

“No matter what you do party wise, if you take out Carl Cox, you add that, you can't take away the vibe or the energy of Ibiza,” Chris Martinez says. “You can't tell me you that you still don't get excited when you step off that plane. You still feel it, it don't matter.”

The pair also talked about their favorite scenes for house and techno in the United States, spoke a bit about the influence their father had on their cutting-edge tastes, their adventures as teenage DJs in Berlin, and more. Check the 21-minute interview below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

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