Taiki Nulight Starts a Garage Dance Party on 'Agent Moody' EP: Exclusive

Zoe Lower
Taiki Nulight

Whatever you're doing, it's about to get a little weird. Taiki Nulight's latest EP Agent Moody is on a mission to infuse your current atmosphere with so much booty-knockin' bass, you'll have no choice but to stop what you're doing, screw up your face, and say “daaaaaayum.”

"I guess with every record I write, the end goal is to have fun and jump around in the studio while I produce it,” Taiki Nulight says in an emailed statement. “If it doesn't do that and you can't have fun doing it, then it doesn't feel right.”

Agent Moody opens with tons of attitude on “Double Agent,” a dark garage vibe weighted heavy by rumbling bass. “I Mean” is a sensual take on tech-heavy production with lots of percussive textures that explodes into bossiness. “Feels Like” is enough wonky, bassy groove to turn any location into a dance party, and closer “Moody” puts a playful tone on a solid house beat.

“I love, listen to, and make four-by-four and 808 dance floor hitters to two step. It was hard for me to only pick four tracks for EPs,” he says. “I didn't really have a plan for the EP, since I write quite quickly, so I assembled it hitting all spectrums of my production. Above all, I'm extremely happy that I'm here contributing to a music scene that's thriving and has far to grow."

Be warned: listening to this EP may result in impromptu dance parties with your friends, but is that really a bad thing? Listen to Agent Moody below, and head over to Insomniac to purchase it forever and always.