The Chemical Brothers Unveil 'Under Neon Lights' VR Experience: Watch

Courtesy of Within
'Under Neon Lights' 

There's a hidden world inside us all, a world of imagination and wonder. It's a neon world of possibility, and it's a world you can immerse yourself in thanks to a new virtual reality music video for The Chemical Brothers' shimmering jam “Under Neon Lights.”

"For me, the song 'Under Neon Lights' is about looking past material and mainstream desires and even questioning them,” says the project's lead developer Jono Brandel in an emailed statement. “In this world, you need to find purpose and confidence from within in order to thrive. The story and the visuals are direct expressions of that thought."

Brandel has been a huge fan of the Chemical Brothers since he first heard “Star Guitar,” another clip with legendary visuals from director Michel Gondry. It was quite an honor for both Brandel and his “Under Neon Lights” Director Zach Richter to put their stamp on the group's illustrious career.

"It was a pretty surreal experience to get to marry their music to virtual reality,” Richter says in an emailed statement. “I find their music to have so many emotional layers. It was an amazing opportunity to pair a very complex idea to a song that weaves together so much emotion, energy and truth."

The story revolves around a cartoon girl character who literally grows up before your eyes. While responsibilities grow with each evolution, the inner sanctuary of swirling, psychedelic color blooms within her mind. Viewers can interact with the world, merging themselves in and out of the inner neon sanctum and trippy outward environment with ease.

"This experience really came from these two contrasting places, the outside physical world and the world within each of us,” Richter says in an emailed statement. “To me, the world within (or the world of the neon lights) is more alive than the physical world that we experience every day. But I think happiness (at least for me) comes from being able to find a balance between these places of existence in every moment.”

“Under Neon Lights” is accessible through any browser-ready device, be it smart phone or desktop computer, although the best way to experience the project is absolutely with your VR headset.