Deorro's Debut Album 'Good Evening' Proves He Is One of Dance's Most Versatile Producers: Listen

Erik Voake

You know when you sit down at the orchestra and the musicians are all warming up. It gives you that exciting, anticipatory feeling, like you know something grand is about to happen.

Deorro was smart to sample that experience as the opening of his debut album Good Evening. It's 24 tracks reveal something greater about the producer and even the listeners themselves. It's more than an introduction to a creative mind, it's a story of sound and feeling. Even as it plays within established genres like future bass and dubstep, it tweaks on your expectations to constantly deliver a bit of surprise.

It's long, sure, but it moves so fluidly between moments, you can't help but listen through. You want to see what comes next. It opens with cartoon happiness, incorporating bits of gospel and classical while moving through playful, theatrical interludes that push the sonic storyline forward. “Goin Up” is particularly joyful, but it melts seamlessly into the thoughtful ambience of “Miss You (Interlude),” which in turn takes us into a dub-influenced sound that kicks off the hard, raw section of the LP's middle. “Butt Naked” is a downright monster with a hardstyle drop, and again, before we know it, we're walking headfirst into another segment of wonky, disjointed, jazz funk.

Deorro's Good Evening is truly an adventure for the ears. This is headphone space out music. This is the kinda thing you sit back and take in as a whole at least once, and probably a lot more. If there was ever a doubt about Deorro's versatility, there's no denying it now.

Listen to the expansive concept album in full below, and let us know which flavor of Deorro is your favorite.